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Laptop Repair in Jacksonville Fl

November 2, 2012

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When it is time for laptop or desktop computer repair, most people look for someone in Jacksonville they can trust with their computer and their data! We know you simply want your computer repaired right the first time in a timely, efficient, and affordable manner.That is exactly what Laptop Repair Jacksonville will do for you.

We keep your data safe and confidential. We have held both top secret and crypto clearances in the United States Navy. We service any and all brands of computers ranging from Laptops and Desktop computers to All In One. We also build custom gaming computers!
We have over 35 years of combined computer experience.
We charge by the job and not the hour.
We tell you exactly what it will cost before the work is done.
We turn most  jobs around within 24 hrs.
We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Our goal at Laptop Repair Jacksonville is to provide you with the highest quality, least expensive, computer repair service possible in Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Beach communities. We will repair your Desktop or Laptop computer tuning it to perform 20% faster than when you pulled it out of the box new. How is that possible? It is possible because software vendors pay computer manufacturers to place their software on your new computer before it ever leaves the factory. When you first turn on a new computer you are prompted to purchase products almost immediately. All computer manufacturers are paid to load unwanted and unnecessary software on your computer at the manufacturer level with the operating system. This allows them to sell the laptop or desktop computer to you at a lower price. It also creates problems from day one.They make more money selling extended warranties and service plans than they make selling the computer itself. At Laptop Repair Jacksonville we correct all of the issues created from this install process to provide you with a fast, smooth running computer. Our 12 step tune up process allows you speeds that are literally 20% faster than when you pulled your computer out of the box new. Our refurbished computers run faster than brand new computers.
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